Where no dream is too big.

Our Values and Ethos

Our Vision

To create a safe, caring and inspirational learning environment, where we all thrive, achieve and grow happily together.

Our Ethos

  • We walk together with our children on a journey of mutual learning and development.

  • We understand that we develop through and with each other, and that together we are more.

  • We respect the different ways in which people contribute and value these contributions equally.

  • We inspire an enthusiasm for learning and life.

  • We support each other to face our daily challenges with courage.

  • As a rural village school, we embrace nature and our natural environment as part of our growth and learning.

  • We have a Christian sense of community and giving, which nurtures our empathy and compassion.

Our Christian Core Values

  • Love

  • Respect

  • Courage

  • Empathy and compassion

  • Service and giving

  • Honesty and truthfulness

Our Aims

It is the aim of our school to:

  • provide a fun and continually stimulating environment where children and adults are excited to learn and can grow confidently;

  • work together using Christian values to ensure a caring environment, where every member of our school community, without exception, feels included, valued and respected;

  • provide the highest quality teaching, support and leadership to our entire school community, celebrating every child's uniqueness;

  • share our passion for the great outdoors and our love of learning and playing outside come rain or shine;

  • be creative in helping to develop well-educated, happy, confident children through a school life that is rich in spiritual, cultural and artistic experiences;

  • nurture a self-belief and emotional intelligence by supporting each other with positive friendships and compassion;

  • promote curiosity and challenge children to ask questions to further their understanding of the world around them;

  • encourage children to dream and to believe that no dream is too big.

It is through the coming together of staff, governors, parents and children that these aims are achieved.