Choosing a school for your child is one of the most difficult decisions any parent has to make. We hope that our website gives you an insight into our school, what we do, how we do it but most importantly our children and the results of being a Mells Church of England pupil. 
We want every child who comes to Mells Church of England First School to leave at the end of Year Four as a happy, literate and numerate young person, equipped for not just their immediate future learning but for their life-long learning. We want every child to have developed their skills so they can question, explore, research, learn from and above all enjoy learning!
Happy children are successful children and at Mells we offer a safe and engaging environment. Our school building is full of character, steeped in history (over 200 years of school history and a further 300 years as a cotton mill) and our outdoor area is spacious, open and we utilise every part to ensure the children get the best outdoor opportunities.
We pride ourselves in being a school which genuinely cares for and nurtures our children, considering the needs of the whole child. We have two members of trained ELSA staff (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants), the first two in the whole of the Mendip area! We also have a trained Forest School leader and so we can offer places within our nurture group, social skills group or Forest School to children within our school.
We cannot share the warmth, family ethos and commitment we offer at Mells here on this webpage but hopefully as you browse through our site you will pick up on these underpinning characteristics. However, you can experience this in person by visiting our school and we urge any parent/carer who is considering a school for their child to come and visit us and see for themself.
We look forward to meeting you...