School Council

In our latest meeting we discussed ways in which we could keep our school cleaner. It was suggested to have food waste bins and recycling bins on the playground and a food compost bin. Work is in place to create a place for the compost bin in the new garden space that is due to be built soon. Recycling bins and food waste bins will be put out soon.

The new school council, which is chaired by Mr Shipway, has met for the first time. It is made up of Violet & Isla Fagan, Year 4. Archie and Isla Foley, Year 3 and Rosie and Jamie (KS1).

In our latest meeting we talked about our school vision, the things we like about and the things we might want to change. We then went on to discuss things at school, such as having different sport clubs after school to having a quiet and calm place outside.