Staying Safe


We encourage our children to stay safe in all aspects of their life. Our curriculum builds on themes which explore and cover specific staying safe aspects e.g. road safety, fire safety, stranger danger, esafety, internet safety, healthy eating.

Here are some websites which your family may find useful and fun...


Child exploitation and Child Protection

Road safety: or click here


Fire safety: or click here

Esafety: or click here  or click here or click here

Healthy Eating: or click here or click here

If any of our children don't feel safe they can always come and talk to us.

If they need to talk to someone else they can always contact Childline, which is a free phoncecall and won't appear on the itemised bill.  




If you have any concerns, please talk to a member of our safeguarding team.

All of the adults who work or regularly volunteer in school have DBS clearance. All staff attend safeguarding training and we also offer safeguarding training to all of our volunteers.

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