The week started of with an assembly led by Mrs Gillian who explained to the whole school what STEAM stands for and gave us a little insight into what the classes might be looking at. With the help from some children we created an exploding volcano, a lava lamp and predicted which mouse would fly the highest using plastic bottles. At the end of the assembly we were lucky to have a visit from the police who explained their job and talked about what they do.

Reception class had a very exciting week where they explored the new ‘Tinker Table’ hammering nails, twisting and using nuts and bolts and using pliers and hammers to smash and take apart keyboards. They also made bird feeders using toilet rolls, pine cones, lard and bird seed. Had a very informative chat and visit from Rachel Tweedle, Jamie’s mum who is a local vet. She told us all about her job and what it entails. During this week the children also explored materials and talked about why we use certain materials. From this the children enjoyed investigating whether items were waterproof or not and which objects float and sink in water.

Year 1 and 2 have been exploring forces. They went on a treasure hunt to discover pushes, pulls and twists and then made clay dragons using these forces to shape their creations. They spent time learning about gravity using swirly snakes and paper helicopters, friction using jelly and chopsticks, wind power using sail cars and air pressure using blowing games and zooming rocket balloons.  What a fantastic week!

During STEAM week, Wenlock Class had a wonderful time working collaboratively to make their own Marble Runs out of shoeboxes, toilet roles, plastic cups etc. They had to design them so that a marble could run down the slopes in 10 seconds and problem solve to increase or decrease the marble’s speed on their run. The children completed time trials to see if they had been successful with their designs.

Another mission Wenlock Class were given was linked to their Deadly 60 topic. This was to design a transportation vehicle for a deadly animal. The children were required to build an electric vehicle using their new knowledge of circuit building from their last Electricity topic. The children used handsaws and vices to cut the doweling to correct lengths to make wooden frames on to which they stuck their circuit. The children then used different materials to construct the outer carriages following their designs. The results were fantastic. Well done Wenlock Class!